Free Economic Zone "Zelenograd"

Free Economic Zone "Zelenograd"

MIET research-educational and innovation complex acts as the basis for establishing and developing Free Economic Zone for Technology Innovation 鈥 FEZ 芦Zelenograd禄 created in accordance with the federal law on 芦Free Economic Zones禄 and RF Government Regulation of December 2005.

mostvz1.jpgFEZ 芦Zelenograd禄 includes two areas 鈥 MIET innovation complex territory of 7 hectare and territory of long-term perspective development 芦Alabushevo禄 of 150 hectare.

The participation of MIET complex within FEZ 芦Zelenograd禄 is of strategic importance, as it allows to use the existing infrastructure for the development of innovation activities on the early stages of FEZ 芦Zelenograd禄 performance.

Accumulated rich experience and network of established ties between the subjects of innovation activities is to be used as the pattern for extending techno-promotional activities on the territory of long-term perspective development 芦Alabushevo禄.

The prospects for the further development of MIET innovation infrastructure are to be closely related to the construction of FEZ 芦Zelenograd禄 infrastructural objects with total area 56,000 sq.m. so as to host business-incubator, centre for staff retraining, technology transfer centre and a network of shared-use centres.

Full-scale infrastructure will allow to realize the main directions of innovation activities in the immediate future 鈥 staff retraining, business-incubating of companies, technology transfer, and rendering services for fabrication of small-volume pilot batches of technical products on the basis of shared-use centres.

2006 was the year for Zelenograd Innovation Technological Centre to become the first resident-company within FEZ 芦Zelenograd禄.

Within the framework of technical-promotional activities Zelenograd ITC will design and develop up-to-date electronic components, microsystem technology and microelectromechanical systems, info-telecommunications systems and radioelectronics of new generation.