MIET starts admission for international applicants

MIET starts admission for international applicants

Starting on June 20, 2020, National Research 体育盘口 of Electronic Technology begins accepting applications for the 2020/2021 academic year.

Prospective students can enter MIET online: submit an application form- , attach the necessary documents, take the entrance exams remotely. If you have questions 鈥 be sure to write to our e-mail: ird@miee.ru

MIET offers the following full-time Russian-language Bachelor Degree programs:

鈥 Computer Science
鈥 Software Engineering
鈥 Telecommunications
鈥 Applied Mathematics
鈥 Radio Engineering
鈥 Biomedical Engineering
鈥 CAD Systems
鈥 Nanotechnology in Electronics
鈥 Automation and Control
鈥 Electronics and Microelectronics
鈥 Applied Informatics
鈥 Graphic Design
鈥 Management

If you are looking for an English-language Master Degree program, you may choose one of those offered in MIET:

鈥 Electronics for Communications
鈥 Hardware and software complexes for information processing

Take a chance to become a highly qualified world-class engineer - apply to one of the best technical universities of Russia!

Head of International Relations Division
Mrs. Irina I. Ponomaryova
+7 (499) 734-02-64 ird@miee.ru
Vice-Rector for International Affairs
Dr. Dmitriy G. Kovalenko
+7 (499) 720-89-33 media@miee.ru